October 2-6 2017: A short course in Geometallurgy


On October 2nd - 6th, an industry course for Geometallurgy will be hold at the University of Liege.


Geometallurgy is a data collection methodology that not only supports more sophisticated feasibility studies, but can be used by the corporate executive board to make defendable decisions regarding their mining operations.  This course is the outcome of the R&D work done in Geometallurgy in Australia, followed by its application in the private sector.


In a practical road map format, this course will present how to set up experimental procedures and then analyse the data in a geomet campaign.  The assembled speakers are world class calibre. 


Much of what is presented in this course has not been done in this form previously due to the mining sector downturn and its effect on research.  In particular, the presence of Enterprise Optimisation (Whittle Consulting) is an opportunity to link the technical engineering design teams with the executive board of any given operation.  A geomet supported EO analysis was the Holy Grail objective of the AMIRA P843 project at its point of genesis in 2005.   


Much of the small scale flotation research was not presented in the form that is now available/possible.  Also European operators are required to be much more sensitive to environmental management issues than most operations in the Southern Hemisphere.  The HSC is a software fed with appropriate data constructs would be a remarkable platform to conduct this kind of problem solving.


On line registration through http://www.geometallurgy.eu/short-course-geometallurgy-ii/or contact Simon Michaux.


Download the preliminary program.