Forced Vibration test of a set a 2 HEB300 beams (weak axis) loaded by two 5.6-ton blocks of concrete


Prof. Vincent Denoël and the Structural and Stochastic Dynamics research team are proud to introduce you their new shaker! This one is able to excite civil structures as large as bridges and large roofs, floors and grandstands (up to more the 100 tons!).


The yellow mass of the shaker (50-200 kg) can move up and down at a frequency between 0.5 Hz and 5 Hz. It is activated by an electric acutator powered and controlled by a home-made dedicated hardware.


During the test, the frequency of oscillation of the mass was manually swept from 1 to Hz. The test underlines strong matches between mesurements and theorical values.


Can't wait to know more about this test? Download the summary.


Last but not least: we would like to address a special thanks to V2i, IoTree, SPW, BEG, Talyor devices for their specific interest in this projet!