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The benefits and challenges of AI image generators for architectural ideation: Study of an alternative human-machine co-creation exchange based on sketch recognition
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Laboratory flotation study of the DPM Krumovgrad gold ore (Bulgaria) – Effects from improved collector suite and ore desliming
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Ouvrage collectif publié en tant qu’éditeur ou directeur (Ouvrages)
BIM computationnel, des données vers l'IA
de Boissieu, Aurélie
2024Eyrolles, Paris, France
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What does the volume-averaged water age distribution function reveal about flow fields in rectangular shallow reservoirs?
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Spatiotemporal Analysis of Urban Heat Islands and Vegetation Cover Using Emerging Hotspot Analysis in a Humid Subtropical Climate
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Simulation Of Long Term (1981 – 2100) Evolution of Heat Waves In Brussels Based On Mar Regional Model
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Small-scale and scale-up bioleaching of Li, Co, Ni, Mn from spent lithium-ion batteries
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Street Design Strategies Based on Spatial Configurations and Building External Envelopes in Relation to Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Arid Climates
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Establishment of reliable relative price predictions for high-strength steel members
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An Experimental Apparatus for Bench-Scale Fire Testing Using Electrical Heating Pads
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Formulations and Diffusivity Coefficients of the 2D Depth‐Averaged Advection‐Diffusion Models: A Literature Review
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MaaS modelling: a review of factors, customers’ profiles, choices and business models
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L'infrastructure verte en milieu urbain
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A methodological approach to evaluate the passive cooling effect of Oasis palm groves
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A longitudinal analysis of the COVID-19 effects on the variability in human activity spaces in Quito, Ecuador
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Compressed Earth Blocks with GRC: fabrication, characterization, modeling, and correlation with microstructural fracture features
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Simplified methods to predict the robustness of steel parking-structure joints
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Comparative assessment of night ventilation performance in a nearly zero-energy office building during heat waves in Brussels
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Dynamic discharging performance of a latent heat thermal energy storage system based on a PID controller
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Assessment of Transit Congestion for Sustainable Urban Transport Management in Quetta, Pakistan
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Integrated methodology to link geochemical and geophysical-lab data in a geophysical investigation of a slag heap for resource quantification.
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Drift of a drowning victim in rivers: conceptualization and global sensitivity analysis under idealized flow conditions
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A framework for the robust optimization under uncertainty in additive manufacturing
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Mitigation of Climate Change Impact on Bioclimatic Conditions Using Different Green Space Scenarios: The Case of a Hospital in Gorgan Subtropical Climates
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Energy consumption prospective scenarios application on a land use mix - A case study of the Wallonia building stock in Belgium
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Optimizing phosphorus fertigation management zones using electromagnetic induction, soil properties, and crop yield data under semi-arid conditions.
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2023In Environmental Science and Pollution Research
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Seismic pre-qualification tests of EC8-compliant external extended stiffened end-plate beam-to-column joints
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Effects of Crushing and Grinding on the Porosity of Hardened Cement Paste
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CFD Assessment of Car Park Ventilation System in Case of Fire Event
Rahif, Ramin ; Attia, Shady
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Contribution à des ouvrages collectifs (Parties d’ouvrages)
Circular Economy Processes for CO2 Capture and Utilization
Vidal de la Peña, Natalia ; Grigoletto, Sophie ; Toye, Dominique et al.
2023In Chapter 7: CO2 capture by mineral carbonation of construction and industrial wastes
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Impact of building envelope parameters on occupants’ thermal comfort and energy use in courtyard houses
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Thermal resilience in a renovated nearly zero-energy dwelling during intense heat waves
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Overheating calculation methods criteria and indicators in European regulation for residential buildings
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Load carrying capacity of star‐battened angle members made of S460 steel in compression
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New analytical approach for predicting the plastic shear resistance of the panel zone in steel joints
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Python Data Driven framework for acceleration of Phase-Field simulations[Formula presented]
Fetni, Seifallah; Delahaye, Jocelyn ; Habraken, Anne
2023In Software Impacts, 17, p. 100563
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Main channel width effects on overtopping-induced non-cohesive fluvial dike breaching
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Characterization approaches affect asymmetric load predictions of hexagonal close-packed alloy
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Lateral‐torsional buckling of beams made of mono‐symmetrical thin‐walled sections
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Farm-wide virtual load monitoring for offshore wind structures via Bayesian neural networks
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