Etudiants étrangers

Etudiants etreangersOur Department is extremely happy to welcom foreign students in its Master and post-Master degrees. Need some practical information? Download our welcome guide, either in English or in French.



Joint Master degrees organized with the Master degree in Architecture Engineering are fully taught in French.


Joint Master degrees organized with the Master degree in Civil Engineering and with Geology and Mining Engineering are bilingual French/English. Practically, the course is taught in English with lecture notes and references in French or the other way round. This solution was designed in such a way that any student with French or English as a mother language and a passive knowledge of the other language be able to fully understand and follow the classes.



Students who obtained a bachelor or a master degree outside Belgium are required to introduce an admission file in order to register to one of our Master or Complementary Master programmes. The file will be submitted to a jury, which will make a decision. If the decision is favorable, you will receive an authorization to register. 


The information regarding the appication file can be obtained from the following sites:


Deadlines for introducing admission applications is fixed at the end of April. Please consider that the processing of these files may last for some weeks, so the point of starting the process well in advance as a letter of admission may be required for obtaining your student's Visa.


The person in charge of Admissions for ArGEnCo department is Stephanie Collard. It is always advisable to contact the President of the Jury of the Master or Complementary Master you wish to apply for, before introducing an admission file. Hereafter you wil find the coordinates of the contact person for each of our master degrees.



Architectural Engineering Prof. Pierre Leclercq
Geology and Mining Engineering Prof. Alain Dassargues
Civil Engineering Prof. Luc Courard
Advanced Master in Urban and Regional Planning Prof. Sigrid Reiter
Advanced Master in Transportation Management Prof. Mario Cools
Advanced Master in Naval Architecture Prof. Philippe Rigo
Advanced Master in Water Resources Prof. Alain Dassargues
Advanced Master in Heritage Conservation and Restoration Prof. Pierre Paquet
Advanced Master in Ship Design (EMSHIP) Prof. Philippe Rigo
Master in Georesources Engineering (EMerald) Rosalia Fiorentino
Sustainable Constructions Under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events (SUSCOS) Prof. Jean-Pierre Jaspart



After having received by letter your authorization to register, you can appear in person at the office of the Registration Service, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00. Generally at this stage you will have to provide the originals of your file.



University of Liege proposes a university residence for students. For long-term students it is usually advisable to search for a private accommodation in Liege city center. ArGEnCo is mainly based on the Sart-Tilman campus site, which is easily reachable from Liege city center where you can find a series of student's rooms. You may find on this page further information about accomodation provided by the University as well as third parties.



Some suggestions for possible scholarship applications are listed below :

  • University of Liege offers grants for Master students coming from EU and non EU countries.
  • BTC (Belgian Technical Cooperation) has scholarships to offer. Take a look at the BTC general website for more information.
  • It is worth to consult the Belgian Embassy in your country for other scholarships that might be available through bilateral cooperation. You will find on the WBI page contact addresses for all WBI (Wallonia Brussels International) delegations abroad. 
  • The AUF (Association Universitaire de la Francophonie) proposes scholarship for students wishing make master degrees in French speaking countries. University of Liege is a member of the AUF network.
  • University of Liege is a member of the Mundus ACP II programme. The contact person for this program at ULg is Anne-Laure Villeminot.
  • For students from China, the China Scholarship Council might offer funding options.
  • Last but not least, ArGEnCo directly takes part to three Erasmus mundus Master degrees: EMSHIPSUSCOS and EMERALD. Specific European and private scholarships are available for these Master degrees.


Joint Master degrees

The department currently organizes three Joint Master degrees:

  • Master degree in Architecture Engineering with Ecole des Mines d'Alès
  • Master degree in Architecture Engineering with EIGSI (Ecole d'Ingénieurs La Rochelle)
  • Master degree in Civil Engineering with Ecole des Mines d'Alès
  • Master degree in Civil Engineering with the University of Bologna
  • Master degree in Geology and Mining Engineering with the University of Bologna.



The contact person for all questions related to foreign students is Nadia Elgara. You are invited to contact her in order to prepare your stay in our Department. Prof. Vincent Denoel is in charge of joint master degrees and Erasmus exchanges.