December 11-14 2017: A short course in Hydrometallurgy (ATHY)


Athy is a 4 days intensive short course in Hydrometallurgy gathering renowned international experts from Europe, Canada and South Africa both from academia and industry.


The first days are dedicated to in depth lectures on the various unit operations of hydrometallurgy (Leaching, Solvent Extraction, Electrochemistry, Precipitation, Biometallurgy, Process Mineralogy) giving the participants a tool box to understand and develop hydrometallurgical processes.


The following days are dedicated to specific case studies (Hydrometallurgy of Zn, Cu, Co-Ni, PGEs from Mining to Recycling) illustrated by industrial partners.




Day 1

Fundamentals of leaching,Thermodynamics of hydrometallurgicalsystems and chemistry of solutions.Biometallurgy.

Dr. Edouard Asselin, University of British Columbia (Canada)

Dr. Anne-Gwénaëlle Guezennec, BRGM (France)

Day 2

Solvent Extraction


Precipitation and crystallization, application to gypsum, Fe and As control

Dr. Hans-Jörg Bart, TU Kaiserlautern (Germany)

Dr. Eric Meux, University of Lorraine (France)

Dr George Demopoulos, McGill University (Canada)

Day 3

Hydrometallurgy of Zn.

Modelling and simulation.

Hydrometallurgical process development

for Ni and Co.

Dr. Philippe Henry, Hydrométal (Belgium)

Dr. Stéphane Brochot, Caspeo (France)

Dr. Yves Le Quesne, Eramet (France)

Day 4

Hydrometallurgy of Platinum Group


Ammoniacal metallurgy of Cu.

Process Mineralogy.

Dr. Jochen Petersen, University of Cape Town (RSA) 

Dr. Eric Pirard, University of Liège




Register using the following link.

Registration fees: 1200 € (Course material, coffee breaks, lunches and a diner).

Reduced fees for PhD students.


Need further information? Do not hesitate to contact the short course organizer, Ir. David Bastin.


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