Mardi 28/08/2018: EMERALD 2018 graduation ceremony


Congratulations Emerald Erasmus Mundus Master 2018. We wish you all the best for the future!

For those who are not familiar with this Master, EMerald is a two-year master program (120 ECTS) organized by four European Universities ( University of Liège - ULiège, University of Lorraine - UL, Lulea University of Technology - LTU and Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg - TUBAF) designed to focus on the following major aspects of Resources Engineering : Characterisation, Processing, Modelling and Management. It is organised in 4 semesters (30 ECTS per semester): the first semester is in Liège, the second semester in Nancy, the third semester in Lulea or in TUBAF and the fourth semester in one of the four partner-Universities.

The master course aims at finding the right balance between knowledge of resources (geology, landfills, urban mines, reserve characterization and modelling) and process engineering techniques (comminution, sorting, preconcentration, extractive metallurgy, waste disposal, ...).

ULiège, in charge of semester 1, welcomes all students and provides them with the necessary background and skills (ex. mineral processing basics), UL builds on this to bring students to the more advanced level during semester 2 (ex. flotation) and finally, during semester 3, they are offered to specialize in primary (at LTU) or in secondary raw materials (at TUBAF). A broader view on the complete life cycle analysis of materials is kept during the whole program by including a series of seminars taught by industrial partners to shed light on strategic issues such as the economic, environmental and social challenges to operate. Moreover, in line with the updated list of critical raw materials for the EU, course units are reshaped and extended to encompass factors affecting critical resource flows and supply such as diversification, substitution and end-uses based on industrial applications.

The consortium will deliver a triple diploma (one from each University where the student attended lectures) and a Diploma Supplement from the coordinating University:

- Master in Mining and geological engineering delivered by ULiège

- Master Sciences de la Terre et des Planètes Environnement delivered by UL

- Master of Science - Major: Geosciences delivered by LTU

- Master in Mechanical and Process Engineering delivered by TUBAF