With the rapid development of construction industry, a lot of industrial by-products or wastes such as construction and demolition wastes (C&DW) are generated yearly in the world.



ly ashes are produced in the thermal power plants for the production of steam and electricity. The fly ash from coal combustion is already widely used in the cement industry, while biomass ash (if used biomass fuel) is still poorly used in concrete. In the meantime, the use of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) crushed from old concrete to replace or partially replace the natural aggregates (NA) has become more widely.

This research project focuses on the development of binder material formulations based on industrial by-products or waste. The pozzolanic binders, based on the use of lime and active silica (such as slag, biomass fly ash, etc.), will be investigated. The developed eco-binders may be combined with recycled aggregates/sands to optimize the granular skeleton in order to obtain a product based on 100% recycled materials. These products will be developed in the form of stabilized sands, dry roller compacted concrete or sand concrete and used in the construction industry.


Supervisor : Prof. Luc Courard, Prof. F. Collin

Researchers : Pierre Illing, Zengfeng ZHAO

Institutional partners : CTP (Centre Terre et Pierre), Certech (Centre de Ressources Technologiques en Chimie), CRR (Centre de Recherche Routière), INISMa (Institut national interuniversitaire des Silicates, Sols et Matériaux), MaNo (MATERIA NOVA), ULg-ArGEnCo-GEO³ (University of Liège), ULg-LGC-PDD (University of Liège)

Budget: 293.390,48 EUR

Total project duration: 48 months

Start of project: September 2016

Keywords: Eco-binder, concrete, recycled concrete aggregates, permeability, biomass ash, durability

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