Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology

The activities developed within the "Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology" unit are mainly dedicated to the identification, characterization and quantitative and qualitative assessment of water resources.


 PIC0909 1000



he hydrogeological properties of both aquifers and low-permeability media are studied, at various scales, to calculate and model groundwater flows and contaminant transport. Applications in the field of Environmental Geology, impact studies and predictive studies are manifold.

Research topics :


Academic and related staff

Brouyère Serge (Project manager)

Dassargues Alain  (Ordinary Professor)


Research staff

Boudjana Youcef (Doctoral researcher)

Choupani Atefe (Doctoral researcher)

Dedjell Youcef (Doctoral researcher)

Defourny Agathe (Doctoral researcher)

Glaude Robin (Doctoral researcher)

Moreau Aline (Doctoral researcher)

Orban Philippe (Doctoral researcher)


Technical staff

Otten Joël (part-time Industrial Engineer - Liquid Phase Analysis Laboratory)

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