Geomechanics and Engineering Geology

The Geomechanics research team aims to better understand the behaviour of geomaterials (soils, natural and artificial rocks) and geotechnical structures under complex loading. The numerical tools developed within the team and the experimental equipment available enable the study of couplings between physical phenomena within geomaterials, as well as their interactions with structures subjected to environmental and anthropic actions.


Field of expertise

The field of research of the Geomechanics team is the study of geomaterials, starting from its identification and mechanical characterization in the laboratory, and going up to its complex numerical modeling, taking into account the different scales of its structure.

We develop the Lagamine finite element calculation code, to describe in detail the different transport phenomena (of fluids, heat or chemical compounds), the complex mechanical behaviour of these porous media, as well as the couplings between them. These developments lead us to experimentally study and numerically model these geomaterials at different scales, relevant to the study of the different processes under study.

Research topics

The team's activities are oriented towards the following themes:

  • Deep geological nuclear waste disposals;
  • Exploitation of coalbed methane;
  • The thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of clay materials;
  • Multiphase flows in low-permeability environments ;
  • The behaviour of wind turbine foundations and large structures ;
  • Exploitation of oil reservoirs ;
  • Geothermal energy.

Research Team

Academic staff

Prof. Robert Charlier

Prof. Frédéric Collin

Laboratory of Geotechnology

Pierre Illing (manager)

Lucile Hennaut (technician)


François Bertrand (post-doctoral researcher)

Gilles Corman (doctoral researcher)

Benjamin Dardé (post-doctoral researcher)

Arthur Fanara (doctoral researcher)

Liliana Gramegna (doctoral researcher)

Njaka Andriamanantena Ralaizafisoloarivony (doctoral researcher) 

Hangbiao Song (doctoral researcher)

Mohammed Zaim (doctoral researcher)




Ongoing projects

Ongoing theses

Defended theses