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Département UEE

Quartier Polytech 1 - Bâtiment B52
Allée de la Découverte, 9
4000 Liège

Photo vue aérienne B52 1000 


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By car

GPS coordinates B52 :

Longitude: 5° 33' 28.911" (5.558030605316162)

Latitude: 50° 35' 6.2232" (50.585062287858925)

  • Coming from the E40 or the E42

At the interchange in Loncin, follow the E25 “Liège-Luxembourg”. A few kilometres further, you will enter the "Tunnel de Cointe". Take the first exit “Val Benoit-Seraing”. Follow the Meuse river which is on your left. At the roundabout, take the second exit and keep following the river. Just before the Standard football stadium, you have to go under a bridge and turn right immediately after the bridge in order to cross it. In this way, you will continue to follow the direction “Marche”. The road (called “route de Sclessin") goes up the Sart-Tilman hill for about 3 kilometers. You have to take the exit “Université de Liège” (2nd exit on the hill).

You will then come to another roundabout. Take the first exit and turn right (direction “ULg/CHU) to enter the campus. This road takes you to a third roundabout (the roundabout of the “Amphis de l’Europe"). You have to take the first exit (towards the "Boulevard de Colonster"). On your left, you will see a sculpture made of dead trees. The "Allée de la Découverte" is the first road on your left, about fifty meters after the roundabout.

  • Coming from the E25

Exit 40: Embourg
Follow the directions: ULg Sart Tilman
Enter the campus and follow the directions: B52 (building) or P52 (parking)

By bus

  • Bus 48: starts "Place de l'opéra" Liège,goes through center city, Guillemins station, and the terminus is in CHU.
  • Bus 58: starts from Guillemins station, goes trough Sclessin and Ougrée, and the terminus is in Boncelles.
  • Bus 28: starts from Fléron, goes through Romsée, Chaudfontaine, Beaufays, Tilff, and the terminus is "Amphithéâtres" on campus.

Get off at the "Polytech" stop and walk for about 2 minutes. 


For more information on bus schedules and routes :

To get to it, you have to go down the Allée de la découverte, then take the pedestrian access on your left.

Journey time: about 30 minutes (depending on traffic).

Inside building B52

The building has two entrances: one at level -1 (the nearest from the bus stop) and one at level -2 (on the other side of the building).

If you arrive through the entrance on level -2, go up to the stairs/lift at the end of the hall and go up to level -1.

The administration office is on level -1, in room 425.

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