Laboratory of Geotechnology

The activities of the laboratory of Geotechnology focus on soil mechanics and rock mechanics. These can take the form of in situ investigations or laboratory tests.

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The laboratory is equipped to carry out tests for the identification and mechanical characterisation of soils and rocks, both in the laboratory and in situ. This equipment covers a very wide range of tests, making it possible to meet the needs of contractors in the project study phase or in the development phase of new products. In particular, the Laboratory has the expertise to perform direct shear tests on materials of different types (soil sample, rock joint, large aggregate with the 500 by 500 mm box) and to measure the permeability of very different materials (from aggregates for a drainage layer to clay materials used as a sealing layer).

The scope of application of this equipment covers areas relating to slope stability, sealing and drainage systems, geothermal probe system, study of the thermo-hydromechanical behaviour of clayey rocks for the storage of nuclear waste in the deep geological layers of our subsoil. The variety of our equipment also allows us to experimentally study many soil improvement or reinforcement techniques.

The laboratory's remarkable equipment includes tri-axial cells for rock mechanics at variable temperatures, shear boxes for large-diameter samples and a cell for measuring the swelling pressure of bentonite.

Laboratory manager: Pierre Illing

Technician: Lucile Hennaut

Academic Director: Frédéric Collin

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