Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory

 PIC0667 1000

Activities of the HECE - Engineering Hydraulics Laboratory concern experimental modeling as well as the development of innovative composite or hybrid modeling approaches applied to hydraulics in environmental and civil engineering.

They are related to topics as varied as design of hydraulic structures (spillways, dams, locks), sediment transport, flood risk management and prevention or hydropower and its impacts on the aquatic fauna for instance.

These activities are linked to teaching (support to bachelor and master courses) as well as to research projects and services at regional and international levels, in collaboration with public and private sectors and various research units in and outside of Liege University.

The laboratory, installed in Val Benoit since its creation in 1937, moved in 2005 in a new building erected on Sart Tilman campus thanks to Feder funds (Crescendeau project). Its activities, very interactive, make it a laboratory appreciated for visits of specialists, schools or public.

Contact: Sébastien Erpicum

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