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Preprocessor GID

The general pre-processor GID is favoured nowadays and recommended as pre-processor for SAFIR. GID allows the generation of any input file for 2D or 3D, thermal or structural problem. The so-called "problem types" are needed to make the link between GID and SAFIR. You can download these problem types here:


The pre-processor Safir Wizard allows the very fast creation of an input file for the 2D thermal analysis of a section based on a hot rolled steel H section. This pre-processor is not being developed nor maintained any more (GID is preferred) but the 2007 version can still be obtained here: 

  • Wizard limited pre-processor for 2D thermal analysis of H section: Wizard 2007.msi


Postprocessor DIAMOND

The postprocessor DIAMOND allows you to view your structure and your results. It also allows creation of graphics showing the evolution of various results.



The SHELL tools allows you to run several successive SAFIR calculations in a batch mode.

    • If one calculation is aborted, SHELL goes to the next one.
    • The window messages linked to each run are available after all runs.
    • Each input file can be accessed directly from the SHELL by a double click on its name.


File for installation : tools.msi


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