This page allows you to see some case studies that have been performed by various users.

Browse through the links below and you will see some pictures that give you an idea of each case. This will be a good indication of the different capabilities of the software. When they are given, you can also use the input files as a starting point to make your own files. See how different authors have solved different problems.

When the input files, output files or text reports are given, they are given "as is", which means that no liability of any sort is accepted by the authors for your utilisation of their file.

Simple examples

You can open them to have a look in the input and output files, or to visualise the results with the graphic postprocessor Diamond


1. 2D thermal calculation: ¼ of a concrete section

Files: 1_Concrete_section.rar

concrete section



2. 2D beam element: a concrete column

Files: 2_Concrete_column.rar

concrete column



3. 2D thermal calculation: HEB 200

Files: 3_Steel_section.rar

Torsional analysis: same HEB 200 as given previously


steel section



4. 2D thermal calculation: a cylinder in a square tube with no contact between the two

Files: 4_Cavity.rar




5. 3D thermal calculation: a concrete beam with a circular hole in the web

Files: 5_3D_thermal.rar





6. 3D beam element: a simple steel beam

Files: 6_Steel_beam.rar

steel beam 3d



7. 3D beam and spring element: a steel beam supported by springs (e.g. on the soil)

Files: 7_Steel_beam_with_springs.rar

steel beam with springs



8. 2D beam and truss elements: a simple frame braced by a truss

Files: 8_Frame_with_truss.rar

frame with truss



9. 3D structural analysis with shell finite elements: a steel beam connected to a steel column

Files: 9_Steel_shells.rar 




10. Shell finite element analysed in dynamic mode

Files: 10_Shell_dynamic.rar




11. 3D beam elements (building) with a Hasemi fire

Files: 11_3D_beam_Hasemi.rar

3d building hasemi



12. 3D structural analysis with solid finite elements

Files: 12_3D_solid_struc.rar

3d solid structural



13. 2D frame with springs

Files: 13_Spring.rar

14 springs



14. Shell elements: reinforced concrete slab

Files: 14_Concrete_slab.rar

rc slab



Lateral torsional buckling of a simple stainless steel beam

Nuno Lopes 
Paulo Vila Real
University of Aveiro, Dpt of Civil Engineering

Year : 2006
Location of the building : N/A (research project)
Version of SAFIR : SAFIR 2005
Thermal analysis : None (uniform temperature imposed)
Mechanical analysis : 3D beam elements
Static analysis
Elevated temperature
Input files :
Output files :
Report file : N/A


 SAFIR app ex 1    SAFIR app ex 2

Bitriangular bending moment distribution in the beam


Uniform temperature in the section


3D temperature distribution in steel joints

Jean-Marc Franssen & Luc Brauwers 

Year : 2002
Location of the building : N/A (research project)
Version of SAFIR : SAFIR 2001
Thermal analysis : 3D
Mechanical analysis : N/A
Input files :
Output files :
Report file : Numerical Determination of 3D temperature fields in steel joints, Jean-Marc Franssen & Luc Brauwers, Proc. 2nd int. Workshop "Structures in Fire", Univ. of Canterbury, Christchurch, P. J. Moss ed. (2002), 1-20 :


SAFIR app ex 3   SAFIR app ex 4
SAFIR app ex 5   SAFIR app ex 6

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