Fire and timber engineering

The research group FIRE AND TIMBER ENGINEERING has been active in the field of structural fire engineering since 1982. The group has participated in numerous European research projects on fire development and on the behaviour of structures subjected to fire (LOCAFI, TRAFIR, etc.) and developed the software SAFIR which is now used by more than 200 research centres and design offices throughout the world for the modelling of structures subjected to fire.


Activities are carried out in the following area:

  • Modelling of concrete and concrete structures in fire
  • Steel constitutive model for considering local buckling in beam finite elements
  • Hybrid fire testing
  • Travelling fire


The fire testing lab has an extensive expertise in experimental modelling of structural elements in fire conditions, in a traditional furnace testing environment. This lab is being used for certification of industrial products (under accreditation, under ISO 17025) as well as for national or European research projects.

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