Structural and Stochastic Dynamics (SSD)


The Structural Engineering Division is a research group contributing to the development of analysis and design tools for structures under seismic, fire or under other natural hazards. It also focuses on the structural behavior and analysis of concrete and marine and hydraulic structures. It is composed of four research units, among which the Structural & Stochastic Dynamics research unit. Headed by Prof. Vincent Denoël, this unit is concerned with the structural analysis under wind, seismic and various other deterministic or stochastic loadings.



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Research in dynamics of civil engineering structures was initiated at the University of Liège by Prof. G. Fonder (retired in 2008) and Prof. A. Plumier (retired in 2012). Their expertise in the domain of structural dynamics and seismic engineering was further developed by Dr. H. Degée and later on with the works of Dr. V. Denoël in the field of stochastic dynamics.

In 2009, V. Denoël was appointed as a Professor in the Department of Architecture, Environment, Geology and Constructions. The researches developed by the current team cover various aspects of structural and stochastic dynamics but also some particular problems of human-structure interaction in civil structures and drilling engineering. See our research topics.

Besides the Structural & Stochastic Dynamics group offers possibilities for industrial collaboration and consulting services. Follow other people and companies' choice; just ask to know wheter your technical questions may find apropriate answers.



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