The Local Environment Management and Analysis (LEMA) unit is dedicated to urban planning and mobility. Our contribution is to characterize, model and manage the urban environment, considering both physical and qualitive dimensions, in a view of improving it sustainability and livability.

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EMA develops its researches in the domain of the urban environment, in both its physical, environmental, cultural, perceptive, economic and social dimensions.

We apply and develop models for addressing urban change at different scales, from the building to the regional level. Our research and education are both oriented towards a better understanding of current urban dynamics, the development of decision-making tools and an active involvement of local communities in the management of their environment.


The activities of the laboratory are mainly oriented towards:

  • Sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable architecture and integrated energy systems
  • Governance and urban innovation
  • Urban expansion and land-use change
  • Characterization of urban landscapes
  • Transport systems and mobility
  • Activity-based modelling
  • Urban data science


On-going research projets

On-going PhD research  


Academic staff

Mario Cools (Associate professor)

Sigrid Reiter (Professor)

Jacques Teller (Full Professor)



Hiep Bui Trung (PhD researcher)

Louis Durrant, PhD (Senior Researcher)

Mohamed El Boujjoufi (Researcher)

Suxia Gong (PhD researcher)

Modeste Kameni, PhD (Senior Researcher)

Pierre-Henri Lefèbvre (Senior Researcher)

Giovanny Moncayo (PhD researcher)

Antoinette Marie-Reine Nishimwe (PhD researcher)

Ngoc Nguyen Bich (PhD researcher)

Luan Nguyen, PhD (Research Assistant)

Tung (Tony) Nguyen Son (PhD researcher)

Uta Meesmann (PhD researcher)

Jules Muvuna (PhD researcher)

Joel Privot (Research Assistant)

Fernando Puente-Sotomayor (PhD researcher)

Iris Reuter (Research Assistant)

Federica Rosati (PhD Researcher)

Christine Ruelle, PhD (Senior Researcher)

Ismaïl Saadi, PhD (Senior Researcher)

Wissal Selmi, PhD (Senior Researcher)

Constance Uyttebrouck (PhD researcher)

Stephanie Van Doosselaere (Researcher)


Administrative staff

Leila Lang (Secretary – LEMA)

Lidija Jurin (Executive secretary SAP)

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