Mineral Engineering and Recycling

The GeMMe - Mineral Engineering and Recycling group contributes to the development of technologies and processes for the responsible and efficient management of mineral and metal resources.

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It has its roots in the traditional disciplines of mining, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. For more than 30 years, and on the strength of this mining and metallurgical know-how, its activities have been diversified in the context of the management and valorisation of these raw materials in the urban mining sector and the emerging context of the circular economy.

The GeMMe is made up of more than 25 employees with multidisciplinary profiles: academic, scientific and technical. It is supported by a laboratory with state-of-the-art analytical equipment, prototypes and pilot experimentation lines.

The GeMMe unit develops recycling processes for metals from various polymetallic wastes, and is currently working on mobility issues, in particular the recovery of platinum group metals from end-of-life vehicle catalytic converters and the recovery of rare earths from electric and hybrid vehicle engines.


Academic staff

Prof. Stoyan Gaydardzhiev

Prof. Eric Pirard

Eric Poot (PhD)


Mohamed Aatach  (research engineer)

Annick Anceau (PhD)

Paul André (research engineer)

Pierre Barnabé (senior research engineer)

David Bastin (senior research engineer)

Robert Baudinet ( research engineer)

Hassan Bouzahzah (senior research engineer)

Godefroid Dislaire (senior research engineer)

Dzimbanhete Vimbainashe Lorraine (research engineer)

Philippe Giaro ( senior research engineer)

Ali Hassan (research engineer)

Pierre-Henri Koch, PhD (senior research engineer)

Fanny Lambert (senior research engineer)

Carolina Nogueira Mafra (research engineer)

Corinne Parent (research engineer)

Manivannan Sethurajan, PhD (senior research engineer)

Pedro Simoes Teixeira Mendes (research engineer)

Bertrand Thoumsin ( research engineer)

Vardanyan Arevik, PhD (senior research engineer)

Technical staff

Sabrina Blasuitig

Sébastien Blasuitig

Thierry Declerck

Julien Thaels

Administrative staff

Nadia Elgara (Secretary - GeMME)

Rosalia Fiorentino (Project Officer - Education)

Eddy Satay (SAP Executive Secretary)


GeMMe website

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