Etude des eaux souterraines carbogazeuses de l’est de la Belgique. Origine géologique et méthodes de prospection

PhD candidate : Agathe Defourny
Supervisor : Prof. Alain Dassargues, Prof. Frédéric Nguyen

CO2-rich mineral groundwaters from Eastern Belgium : improved understanding of their origin for sustainable exploitation



This industrial PhD is performed in a partnership between the University of Liège and Spadel. It aims at better understand the origin and flowpaths of naturally sparkling mineral springs of eastern Belgium. We want to develop a hydrodynamic and hydrochemical conceptual model that represents the transit of groundwater, from its infiltration to its ascent in CO2-rich form. This model will extend to the different sparkling waters present in the Ardennes geological massif and involve identifying characteristic and discriminating elements in the presence of CO2-rich groundwater, from a hydrochemical, geological, geophysical or geomorphological point of view. To do this, we already have a large set of data collected over the years, studies and prospecting campaigns in the region that will be supplemented by new field campaigns aimed at collecting hydrochemical and isotopic data, together ERT, IP and EM geophysical data.

We want to implement an integrated method for the identification of CO2-rich groundwater reserves, using a technology derived from artificial neural networks, called self organizing maps (SOMs), a very powerful machine learning tools that allow the 2D representation of large scale problems.

The achievement of these objectives will allow the company to develop a better strategy for the sustainable management of CO2-rich groundwater resources on its territory. The often costly and intrusive prospecting operations (drilling) will be better targeted in the future thanks to this study. A better understanding of the system and the location of reserves will also provide better protection for them.

This doctoral project will allow Bru-Chevron to access the scientific expertise necessary to achieve industrial objectives and to pass on these developments within the Spadel group internationally. The "Industrial PhD" program, funded by the Walloon Public Service, aims to strengthen the scientific and technological potential of young researchers throughout the duration of their doctorate.



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