Semi-analytical approach to bridge aerodynamics under flutter and buffeting

PhD candidate: Julien Heremans

Supervisors: Vincent Denoël

Other committee members :

Funding : FRIA/FNRS

Duration: 2020-2024




Résumé du projet

The complete flutter analysis of a structure requires the repeated analysis of the aeroelastic response of the structure for various wind velocities. In a spectral approach, each of these analyses is based on the
integration of the power spectral density of the aeroelastic response. Traditional integration methods struggle to efficiently estimate these integrals because of the significant peakedness of the function in the neighborhood of the natural frequencies. This project aims to extend the Davenport's Background/Resonant decomposition, to aeroelastic analysis, where the stiffness and damping of the coupled system changes with frequency. Besides the projection in the modal basis, the accomplishment of such a challenge for large structural models (∼ 100.000 dofs) is conditioned by both the efficiency and accuracy of the integration routine which is invoked to determine all N × N elements of the covariance matrix of the response. In his thesis, Julien tries couple his semi-analytical integration technique with FinelG, a powerfull FE environment developed by Greisch and the University of Liège.




Closed form solution of the stochastic torsional flutter of an 1 aeroelastic oscillator under buffeting loads

Quality assessment of synthetic wind turbulence, Mars 2020

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