SAFIR purchase conditions of the complete version


Using SAFIR's full capabilities requires a licence. There are two different types of licence:

  • An academic licence can be obtaine  HERE

This licence is  not limited in its capabilities but cannot be used for commercial applications.

  • A commercial licence can be obtained HERE

This licence is not limited in its capabilities and can be used for any application, including commercial applications.

Commercial application is any run which is not made for demonstration purposes or education purposes or research purposes. If a research work is made and the results will be delivered in the public domain, this is not a commercial application, even if this research is supported by financial grants. Research made to give an advantage to a proprietary product is a commercial application.


A licence allows installing and using S AFIR on several computers in one office of the licensee.


There is no annual maintenance cost.


Updates policy

SAFIR updates include:

  • major releases, with a change in the year of the version. In the recent years, there has been SAFIR2016, SAFIR2019 and SAFIR2022.
  • minor releases, with a change in the numbering of the version, e.g., SAFIR2019a0, SAFIR2019b1.


All updates, either major or minor, are free during one year from the day of the purchase of a license (e.g., licensees who bought SAFIR2019b1 in June 2021 received for free SAFIR 2022a1 which was released in April 2022).

Updates to a new minor release of a same version of SAFIR are free (e.g., licensees who own a licence of SAFIR2022a1 would receive for free SAFIR2022a2, SAFIR2022b1 - if and when they are ever produced).

Updates to a new major release cost 20% of the license price. Updates are optional. Updates at the 20% price can only be made from the preceding version, i.e., should a licensee choose not to update at the time of a new major release, they are allowed to continue using their version with no limitation in time, but update to the next major release will be at full price of a new version.

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