Name : Antonio Gamba

Supervisors : Prof. Jean-Marc Franssen (ULiège)

Co-supervisor : Prof. Vincent Denoël (ULiège), Prof. Vincent Lemort (ULiège), Prof. Thomas Gernay (Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering), Olivier Vassart

Duration : 4 years

A numerical model based on cellular automata to assess travelling fires





he evolution of our society with a concentration of economic activities in companies of ever-growing size is leading to the situation that many people work and gather in buildings of larger size. Fire in these buildings poses a real threat to human life. Recent studies have shown that significantly non-uniform temperature distributions are likely to appear in compartments of large size, challenging the assumption of a uniform gas temperature. Fire in large compartments tend to burn locally and to move across the floor over a period of time, which lead to the now widely known concept of “travelling fires”.

Several models have been proposed to describe the evolution in time of travelling fires. Although these models represented an innovative step in the field of travelling fire, major drawbacks of these models can be found in the simplification of fire dynamics and limited field of application.

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a numerical model of travelling fire. The model is based on an improved zone model combined with a cellular automata model. GoZone, the software in which the model has been implemented is aimed to describe the complex dynamics of the fire from ignition, to a phase of growing localised fire that may eventual travel in the compartment, possibly followed by a flashover.




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