Analogous green roofs for cities and citizens

Unprecedented urbanization has resulted in a transformation of urban ecosystems owing to the reduction in green areas and increase in impervious surfaces. Thus, nature-based solution (NBS) such as green roofs become highly relevant especially in highly dense urban areas. Current studies relating to green roofs are largely conducted at building or block level. This thesis specifically aims at quantifying and upscaling the effects of green roofs on ecosystem services at a landscape scale along with integration of citizen perception and participation in the context of Walloon region. In this thesis, the focus is on analogous green roofs that host indigenous biodiversity which resemble the natural habitats and ecosystem in a place. The main goals of thesis include, (a) Identifying the potential of green roofs in Belgian cities, (b) Analyzing the effect of green roofs on various ecosystem services such as urban heat island and biodiversity, (c) Incorporating the role of public’s opinion in green roof implementation in Walloon cities

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