Hydrogeological investigations and modelling in relation with the potential site of the Einstein Telescope

Doctorant : Mathieu Veeckmans
Promoteur : Alain Dassargues
Financements : E-Test

Illustrtion veeckman



The thesis aims to model the groundwater flow around the region of Maastricht, Aachen and Liege. This model will simulate superficial and deep aquifers and their interactions at two scales.

The first one is the regional scale. The area mapped is bigger than 1000 km^2. It will be used in a first step to allow the development of a smaller and more accurate model at the possible location of the future Einstein telescope. In a second time, the model will be used to assess the potential groundwater resources for Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands which could be sustainably extracted for agricultural or tap water use.

The second one is the local scale. This model will be used to assess the groundwater flow at the location of the Einstein telescope. This will help to design the water pumping system which will be used to extract water from the galleries during the construction and the whole life of the telescope and evaluate the impact of the system on the deep and superficial aquifers.

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