Offer for a PhD position

We are looking for a PhD candidate.

Our group : Urban and Environmental Engineering – Building Materials

Recruitment : October 1st, 2022

Profile : master of engineering sciences or master of sciences

Language : French, English

Subject : CO2 capture and mineral carbonation. In order to limit the environmental impact of the industry, the recycling of materials in the form of aggregates for the production of new concrete is an increasingly common practice. The option proposed here is to study the forced carbonation of mineral and municipal residues in order to improve their properties (increase in mechanical strength and decrease in porosity). The work will consist in the development of an accelerated carbonation procedure and the measurement of its effect on the recycled materials. In particular:

  • Optimization of the carbonation conditions ;
  • Physical-mechanical characterization of the mineral and municipal residues;
  • Realization of mixtures (mortars) and evaluation of the advantages of carbonation;
  • Modelling carbonation process
  • Study the durability of mixes and the environmental impact of carbonation

Send your CV and motivation letter to Stéphanie Audrit before August 26th.

Download this job offer to the pdf format.

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