Enhancing resilience of European waterways

Inland waterways constitute a vital network supporting the European economy and they play a key role in the transition towards more sustainable transportation modes. However, climate change poses multiple threats to the smooth functioning of these waterways, such as prolonged droughts or major floods that may endanger river dikes.

The research group HECE of the research unit Urban & Environmental Engineering is contributing to the European project PLOTO, funded under the Horizon Europe program. PLOTO aims to improve the resilience of waterways across Europe. The most recent climate change scenarios will be integrated into cutting-edge high resolution simulation tools, including the academic software WOLF, to design water management strategies that remain effective even in a more demanding climate environment. The river Meuse and the canals downstream of Liège are among the selected case studies, which will be analysed in collaboration with the SPW-MI.

Contact: prof. Benjamin Dewals

© Picture: J. Beuer

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