In 2050, 75% of the world population will be living in cities.

Building the city of tomorrow is a challenge that recruits engineers in domains as varied as the supply of provisions (water, raw and secondary materials, energy, land use), resilience, risk management, natural disasters (wind, seismic, floods, etc.), mobility, etc., many problems that are addressed by urban and environmental engineering.


The innovative design of the buildings, networks and infrastructure that tomorrow’s city-dweller will need and which will contribute to the improvement of their living conditions are at the heart of our process. One of the current major stakes is to switch from an open cycle approach to a circular approach, based on recycling, the recovery and maintenance of existing structures and urban systems while ensuring the risks, that these structures and systems are exposed to, are reduced. The engineer’s role in this domain is to develop new urban and environmental technologies that are adapted to contribute to the development of resilient and resource efficient cities.


The expertise developed in the Urban and Environmental Engineering research unit is built around urban and environmental systems modelling, whether it be with digital models, models in the laboratory, in-situ monitoring (smart metering) or collaborative tools, particularly in the Building Information Model/Management domain.




Want to take part into a multidisciplinary research project bringing together remote sensing, soil chemistry, soil physics and geophysics in a team of 8 persons? We are looking for a PhD degree in applied geophysics (near-surface, hydro- or agro-geophysics), with a strong background (Ms) in geophysics, physics, soil, engineering, applied mathematics or related discipline, to work in the project CHAR.


Quel rôle pour les instruments de l'action publique dans la fabrique de la ville? Le Séminaire des doctorants en développement territorial (SDDT) de l’Université de Liège a le plaisir de vous inviter le mercredi 20 février 2019 à une journée d’étude consacrée aux relations entre action publique et territoires, intitulée : "Des instruments de l’action publique à la fabrique urbaine".

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