The courses provided by the Urban and Environmental Engineering department are linked to major social challenges such as mobility, management of natural resources, construction of buildings and durable urban equipment, etc.


They are characterised by project-based learning: the students, put in realistic, problematic situations, must use their newly acquired knowledge in a creative manner.


The 3 civil engineer master degrees organised by the department are: 

  • A master degree in architectural engineering
  • A master degree in geology and mining engineering
  • A master degree in civil engineering


The 3 specialized master’s degrees, available to students who already have a master’s degree are:

  • A master degree in urban and regional planning
  • A master degree in transportation management
  • A master degree in naval construction (EMSHIP)


Master’s degree in architectural engineering

Pierre Leclercq

Buildings, concert halls, sports facilities, reviving a neighbourhood, museums, etc. The engineer of architecture from the ULg excels in creating complex buildings and in mastering environmental and urban issues linked to architecture.


One of the course’s major advantages? The balance between developing creativity and developing technical and human competences to design and create buildings that meet the current needs of individuals and of society.


Our course responds to a large demand in the market due to the important technical and legal restraints of the building sector, as much in project design as in project management.

The main area for 40% of young graduates to work is in an architectural office (for less than the last 10 years). Also, a large number of our graduates develop their professional activity in related areas, such as engineering (special techniques, structures, EPB, etc.) or project management (project supervisor, heritage management, project manager).


These “new jobs” in building are currently experiencing significant growth due to the very complex nature of major projects, the number of participants involved and the growing use of digital technologies in this domain (from design to site supervision).


Master’s degree in geology and mining engineering

Alain Dassargues

The ULg’s M&G civil engineer is a key player in using and managing groundwater, producing raw materials, recycling, developing geothermal and wind energy and managing large scale underground works.  These are all major challenges for the future of mankind. He excels in creating lasting solutions and in mastering the environmental, technological and economical stakes linked to these social challenges.


Master’s degree in civil engineering

Luc Courard

Whether it is the Millau viaduct, the Liège-Guillemins train station or the Channel Tunnel, none of these could have seen the light of day without the decisive input, mastery and technical creativity of construction engineers. Among them: many engineers that graduated from the University of Liège who were recruited by world-renowned companies.


Construction engineers step in (i) at the research office’s level, which designs and decides on the size of something, (ii) in construction companies, to organise and direct increasingly complex construction sites and (iii) with the project manager, to determine the needs, follow orders and maintain works over the long term.


Some also chose to start their own company.


Are you thinking about the ULg to educate yourself about this domain? Are you already a student there? You’ll find a job before you’ve even graduated or right after: 100% of our graduates are hired within six months!