Innovation and business

Unique research facilities delivering innovative solutions

The research priorities of UEE are largely oriented towards societal and industrial needs, as demonstrated by multiple industry-oriented R&D programs in which private companies and industries benefit directly from the innovative solutions developed by UEE. Such collaborations are fostered by the unique research facilities of UEE:


UEE offers a broad spectrum of services to industrial partners, through expertise contracts, , as well as collaborative R&D projects.


Collaborative R&D research projects

Much of UEE research is in line with funding schemes targeting high Technological Readiness Levels (TRL), such as the Walloon Region research programs and Competitivity clusters (GreenWin, Logistics in Wallonia). In particular, UEE is involved in numerous Plan Marshall projects (Minerve, Phoenix, Gir, Hosomi, Cimede, TransLogisTIC, etc.). Research conducted at UEE has resulted in several patents and the creation of four spin-offs.


A showcase of these research activities is the KIK EIT “Raw materials”, which aims to boost the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. It gathers over 100 partners in the field of circular economy.


Standardization committees and networks

UEE is also actively involved in a wide range of standardization committees and networks (European Technology Platforms, COST networks, etc.). One of the major contributions of UEE in this respect has been the development, under the umbrella of CEN, of several parts of the Eurocodes.