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Since 1979, the Fire Test Laboratory of the University of Liège, with its unique expertise, has been carrying out fire resistance tests in support of theoretical and numerical research as well as product certification. These multiple interactions between theoretical aspects, numerical aspects and product certification have contributed to the development of the SAFIR software

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Fire resistance 



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Following the theoretical and numerical research initiated in 1973 at the University of Liège, the Laboratoire d'Essai au Feu was created in 1979, with the acquisition of its first test furnace. The missions of the Laboratory are shared between :

  • the provision of services for the community (industrial and standardised tests)
  • research work
  • education.


Accredited according to ISO 17025 and notified for the CPR (Construction Products Regulation), the Fire Testing Laboratory is also an active member of several commissions and associations (including EGOLF).



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