World Register of Piano Key weirs prototypes

This World Register of Piano Key weirs prototypes aims at gathering information on all Piano Key weirs constructed so far.

When the information is available, a form summarizes main technical information about the structure. This form is available by clicking on the Piano Key weir name in the table below. We would like to express our very warm thanks to the Owners, Designers, Operators, Constructors… who provided this information and allowed us to make it freely available.

Despite they are much more older than the Piano Key weir concept proposed for the first time in 2003 by Lempérière and Ouamane, two Algerian dams spillways have been added to this list. Indeed, their labyrinth design with overhangs is close to the Piano Key weir concept. They can then be considered as “ancestors” of modern Piano Key weirs and probably deserve to be part of this world register .

This register was created in the framework of 3rd International Workshop on Labyrinth and Piano Key weirs  held in Qui Nhon, Vietnam, in 2017.
For any comment, request for correction or proposal of new projects, please contact us on

Location map


Register (last update on June 26, 2020)

Name Country Commissioning
Bakkhada Algeria 1938
Beni Bahdel Algeria 1940
Goulours  France 2006
Saint-Marc  France 2008
Etroit  France 2009
Gloriettes  France 2010
Rattling Lake Canada 2011
Escouloubre  France 2011
Gouillet  France 2011
Malarce  France 2012
Beaufort  France 2013
Black Esk  United Kingdom 2013
Dak MI 4B  Vietnam 2013
Dak MI 4C Vietnam 2014
Giritale  Sri Lanka 2013
Loombah  Australia 2013
Sawra Kuddu  India 2013
Emmenau Switzerland 2012
Campauleil  France 2014
Charmines  France 2015
Rambawa Tank  Sri Lanka 2015
Rassisse  France 2015
Raviege  France 2015
Van Phong  Vietnam 2015
Da Dang 3  Vietnam 2016
Dak Mi 3  Vietnam 2016
Record  France 2016
Xuan Minh  Vietnam 2016
Gage  France 2017
Hazelmere  South Africa 2018
Oule  France 2018
Ouldjet Mellegue   Algeria 2018
Lewis Creek reservoir USA 2019



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